4 comments on “Beyond Bars: Rejoining Society After Prison by Jeffrey Ian Ross and Stephen C. Richards

  1. I had no idea when I typed “prison” in the tag box that I would find any results, let alone one as truthful as yours. As the mother of a son currently incarcerated, I thank you.


  2. I got out 13 years ago after doing 9 years. I remember the day I got out I was in the grocery store and someone put bananas on the scale during a self checkout. The machine said “Bananas” and some other thing about how much they weighed, and I fell into a crying fit. I felt like I’d walked from the Flintstones into the Jetsons with no warning. I did not ever hear of self check out on the few television shows we watched in Prison. I’d never seen nor held a debit card, I didn’t know how to pump gas because when I was out, people did it for you! And if you chose to do it yourself, you just flipped the lever, there were no buttons to push. I’d never seen a cell phone nor gotten on the internet. Once I found Yahoo groups (Which was the big thing in 2001) I found it very difficult to get off! But no matter where I looked, there were NO support groups for inmates in Georgia. I had no one to turn to, every job turned me away because I still had the ankle monitor on. Luckily things worked out, obviously, but I finally seen why so many women kept going back to prison. You are let loose with no help at all, set up to fail unless you are VERY strong.
    Thank you for such a wonderful blog!


    • You are a very strong woman, and it is a testament for others that you have survived! You give others hope and that is a gift not many can give. Yes, I can imagine how you felt. When my son got out after only two years in a state prison he was withdrawn and afraid to talk to others. He even asked if he could go to the restroom on the first couple of days, until I said,”You can go anytime you want day or night.” Unfortunately you can get “institutionalized’ so quickly. Unfortunately, he did not learn from his experience, and I hope that when he gets out again, in about 3-4 years, he will follow a path of peace and hope for his future.

      Keep up the good work and have a wonderful holiday this year.


    • I’m sorry it was so hard for you. I can see why it would be. The man I have my blog for at http://mynameisjamie.net asked if I could get a few things for him through s inn, a prison service in Texas that allows you to buy $60 worth of commissary items for themin addition to what they are allowed to spend. He to me how extremely high priced the items are. I didn’t find them to be that high. I then remembered that it had been a long time since he had been in a grocery store. This blog I have http://mynameisjamie.net and the book I’m writing is for him, looking ahead for the day he gets out.


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