13 comments on “Prepare Your Parole Package: It is one of the most Important things an Inmate can do.

    • Yes, it would. I recently spoke to someone very familiar with parole and probation boards and he told me that they look at: Where is the inmate going? Will they have employment? What types of programs will they be attending on the outside? They want to make sure the inmate will do well and will not be a danger to the public. Depending on where you live there may be a re-entry program they can attend too. In Las Vegas, we have Hope for Prisoners and it has an excellent outcome for those who attend and stay with it. Good Luck


  1. Hi Sharon. Our SCA book club would love to have you come as a guest speaker at our annual luncheon, January 19th 2017 here at Anthem Center. The board members in our club have read your book and I think you would be perfect fit to come speak to us about your experiences. My email is dllfeeney@gmail.com. We would love to have you and share your experiences and have a great lunch!

    Debbie Feeney
    SCA Book Club President


  2. My son is coming up for his second parole hearing….after being denied his first one..then being denied for his appeal of that hearing…we are now here and I’m wondering if re doing his parole packet is even worth it seeing as though they never even looked at this first parole packet…we have spent thousands of dollars on lawyers and doing everything we can to bring him home but I just don’t know if my efforts are doing anything? It seems like they have a game plan already in place and nothing we do or the inmate does will change that plan…?


    • Hello Lisa, What state are you in? There is a committee in charge of Parole hearings in all states, and you can call the parole board and ask them if there is anything else you can do. In Nevada, parole is more likely to be approved if: the inmate has a plan on where to live and a job to go to, the inmate has been in any re-entry programs offered in the facility, the inmate is in a low level facility, the inmate can prove they are not a threat to society, the inmate is attending church services, and the inmate does not have any “shots” or reprimands on his record. I know this seems a bit unfair, but those are the things I have seen work. (I volunteer in a re-entry program and see who gets out). If the attorneys are not doing any good, I would either change or not use them at all. I would definitely redo the parole package, because they are supposed to look at it prior to the hearing. Call the parole committee and ask them if they have received your package and have reviewed it. Sometimes it just takes getting to the right person. Good luck to you and your son. I sure know how it feels.


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