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    • Yes, it would. I recently spoke to someone very familiar with parole and probation boards and he told me that they look at: Where is the inmate going? Will they have employment? What types of programs will they be attending on the outside? They want to make sure the inmate will do well and will not be a danger to the public. Depending on where you live there may be a re-entry program they can attend too. In Las Vegas, we have Hope for Prisoners and it has an excellent outcome for those who attend and stay with it. Good Luck


  1. Hi Sharon. Our SCA book club would love to have you come as a guest speaker at our annual luncheon, January 19th 2017 here at Anthem Center. The board members in our club have read your book and I think you would be perfect fit to come speak to us about your experiences. My email is dllfeeney@gmail.com. We would love to have you and share your experiences and have a great lunch!

    Debbie Feeney
    SCA Book Club President


  2. My son is coming up for his second parole hearing….after being denied his first one..then being denied for his appeal of that hearing…we are now here and I’m wondering if re doing his parole packet is even worth it seeing as though they never even looked at this first parole packet…we have spent thousands of dollars on lawyers and doing everything we can to bring him home but I just don’t know if my efforts are doing anything? It seems like they have a game plan already in place and nothing we do or the inmate does will change that plan…?


    • Hello Lisa, What state are you in? There is a committee in charge of Parole hearings in all states, and you can call the parole board and ask them if there is anything else you can do. In Nevada, parole is more likely to be approved if: the inmate has a plan on where to live and a job to go to, the inmate has been in any re-entry programs offered in the facility, the inmate is in a low level facility, the inmate can prove they are not a threat to society, the inmate is attending church services, and the inmate does not have any “shots” or reprimands on his record. I know this seems a bit unfair, but those are the things I have seen work. (I volunteer in a re-entry program and see who gets out). If the attorneys are not doing any good, I would either change or not use them at all. I would definitely redo the parole package, because they are supposed to look at it prior to the hearing. Call the parole committee and ask them if they have received your package and have reviewed it. Sometimes it just takes getting to the right person. Good luck to you and your son. I sure know how it feels.


      • Does it affect the inmate for parole if they don’t get a certificate for G.E.D because his parole date came before he got the certificate. Or does it help that he is attending the classes.


      • Hi Traci,
        There is not a certain template to follow, but I am pasting one for you as an example below. It’s a good one from the sister of an inmate. You can choose what you want from it to follow. Some inmates get parole without a parole package, but it always helps! I followed most of this when I sent a similar package for my son’s parole hearing and he did receive parole. (Feb 2019)

        Parole package:
        (Copied from Jpay forum TexasJunebug)
        1st page- Cover Letter, with “Parole Review Plan” Inmates Name and Inmates TDCJ #, centered on page.

        Pg 2. Table Of Contents

        Table of Contents

        Section 1: The Game Plan
        The Parole Release Plan
        Housing Confirmation
        Transportation Confirmation

        Section 2: Letter From (Inmates Name)
        (Inmate Name)’s Personal Letter of Support

        Section 3: Support Letters
        Letter of Support from (My Name)
        Letter of Support from (His Moms Name)
        Letter of Support from (His Sisters Name)

        Section 4: Community Resources
        XXXXX County Christian Men’s Job Corp
        XXXXXXXX Church Young Adults Group
        XXXXXX Area Narcotics Anonymous Schedule
        XXXXXXXXXXX Alcoholics Anonymous Schedule

        Section 5: Pictures
        Pictures of (Inmates Name)
        Pictures of Where He Will Live
        Pictures of People Who Support (Inmate)
        (Inmates Full Name)
        TDCJ# 153XXXX

        Parole Release Plan
        Prepared by: (My name)
        At the request of: (Inmates Name)

        Opening Statement: (Inmates Name) has served nearly 3 years calendar time and accrued additional good time on his 12 year sentence. This is his first time in prison, and all his past offenses have been drug related. (Inmate) acknowledges that his poor decisions have placed him where he is and is remorseful for the impact those choices have had on his family and others. He has spent his time behind bars furthering his education, reconnecting with the God of his understanding, and learning work skills and tools to effectively handle his addiction. Today, (Inmate) has plans for a better future and desires the opportunity to become a productive, contributing member of society. If given the opportunity to parole, (Inmate) has a plan in place to ensure a successful transition back into the free world. This Parole Release Plan will outline the details.

        Personal Statistics:
        Date of Birth: 11/XX/197X Age: 3X Race: White
        Height: 6′ 01” Weight: 1X0 lbs Hair Color: Blonde Eyes: Blue
        Marital Status: Single Children: Yes- Two Boys, ages X and X
        Siblings: Yes- Two Sisters, ages 2X and 1X Place of Birth: (State)

        DOC/TDCJ Offense and Sentence Information:
        Significant Controlling Offense: MAN DEL CS PG 1>=4G4G<200G:
        With the same offense: 8114 Offenders Avg Term w/ same offense: 13 Years
        Max Term w/ same offense: 99 Years Min Term w/ same offense: 0 Years
        Avg Time Spent: 3.00 Years Avg % of Time Spent to Term: 23.08%

        Where Does Parolee Plan to Reside? He will reside in the guest house on the property of a family friend, (My Name), located at 1XX2 XXX Road, (City), Texas 78XXX, in (This) County. See Housing Confirmation for details of property.

        Will There Be Minor Children in the Residence? Yes. (My name) has 3 children, ages 1X years, X years, and X years. The older two children view Charles as their Uncle and have known him since birth. (Inmate) has not met the X year old boy yet.

        Is There an Alternate Place Parolee Can Reside If Needed? Yes. If the Parole Board or Parole Officer request an alternate residence, (Inmate) may reside with his mother, (His Moms Name) at XXX7 Oak XXXXXXXXX, (City), Texas 78XXX.

        Does Parolee Have a High School Diploma? (Inmate) has completed classes for and earned his GED while in the Custody of TDCJ.

        What Classes and Personal Improvement Activities Has Parolee Participated In While Incarcerated? In addition to completing his GED, (Inmate) has taken substance abuse classes, participated in AA meetings while in Bexar County, gathered information on College classes from Florida State University and University of Central Arkansas. He is also currently approved for the class, CHANGES.

        Does Parolee Have a Trade or Skill to assist in obtaining employment? (Inmate) has previous sales experience as well as strong computer skills. He has also gathered information on The XXXXX County Mens Job Corp in (City), where he qualifies for free job skills training.

        What Employment Opportunities Does Parolee Have or Plan To Pursue? (Inmate) prefers to find a job in (City), where he will be living. The job market is strong in (City), with the continual growth of the San Antonio Outskirts in that direction. (Inmate) has been offered an opportunity to work with a San Antonio Based Power Washing Company and will take that position if he is unable to find an opportunity in (City) with in two months from his release.

        How Will Family Members Be Participating or Available To Assist in the Parolee's Release Plan? (Inmate) has a very supportive family. His mother, who visits him regularly and currently puts money on his books every month, will continue to help financially support her son, spend time with him, and ensure his needs are met. His sister, (His Sister's Name), who is in the US Air Force and currently stationed at Lackland, will assist in purchasing him clothes, spend time with and offer guidance for him, and assist with transportation for him as needed. He also has the love and support of his 16 year old sister, his grandma, his cousins and his aunt. (Inmate) also has a very supportive close family friend, (My Name), who has known him for 15 years that, in addition to housing and transportation, will provide (Inmate) with emotional and moral support as well as food and clothing.

        What Other Activities and Organizations Does Parolee Plan on Attending or Participating In? (Inmate) will be attending XXXX XXXXXX Church on IHXX, between San Antonio and (City). In addition to weekend services, they have a very active young adults group and men's group for men in their 30s. (Inmate) will also be attending 12 step meetings, such as AA, NA, and Celebrate Recovery in (City) and (Another City) at a minimum of 3-4 times a week. Also, as mentioned earlier, (Inmate) would like to attend Job Skills Classes at XXXX County Men's Job Corp or pursue a degree at an accredited college.

        Brief Description of Parolee's Future Goals: (Inmate) looks forward to redeveloping a relationship with his sons, his niece and nephews, and continuing to develop even stronger relationships with his mom and sisters. He plans to find a job so he can pay child support and provide for himself. By working hard and continually developing his skills, he plans to continue to find better and better opportunities as time passes. Eventually he would like to pursue a degree in counseling and start a career as a substance abuse counselor, where he can take his experiences and the lessons he's learned while in TDCJ and using it to help others make better decisions with their lives than those he made in his past.

        Closing Comments: (Inmate) has grown a lot as a person and turned his life around during his time in TDCJ. He would be very grateful for the opportunity to rejoin society and be there for his family and for his sons. He has a strong support system that will help keep him on the right track as he transitions into his new life. (Inmate) is a good person who made some bad decisions in his past, but he has learned from them and is ready to move forward. Please allow him the opportunity to make us all proud by granting his parole and sending him home. Thank you for your time and your consideration.

        * All statistics regarding Offenders with Sam Offense and Regarding Offense and Sentence Information are from a Customized Parole Review Report prepared by http://www.parolesource.com. No template was used for the creation of this Parole Release Plan, though lots of time went into researching what information it should contain and lots of communication between the inmate and family took place to put this report together.
        Housing Confirmation
        I am willing to provide accommodations
        as provided below.

        Date: December 28, 2009
        Name of landlord: (My Name)
        Address: (My Address)
        County: XXXX County
        Telephone Number: (XXX)-XXX-XXXX

        I acknowledge that I am able and willing to provide living accommodations for: (Inmates Name)
        at: (My address)
        for at least: Two Years.
        The accommodations are in a furnished guest house detached from the main house, including a heater and a/c, a bed, a dresser, a closet, a desk, electricity, and a bathroom with toilet, sink, and shower.
        The parolee will be obligated to pay room and board of $100 per month starting the third full month staying on the property, and will be expected to assist with upkeep of the property (trash removal, yard care, basic maintenance.
        My relationship to the parolee is: Family Friend of 15 years.
        Sincerely yours:
        (signature) ______________________________

        Section 1 page 3

        Transportation Confirmation
        I am willing to provide transportation
        as provided below.

        Date: December 28, 2009
        Vehicle Owner: (My name)
        Address: (My Address)
        County: XXXX County
        Telephone Number: (XXX)-XXX-XXXX

        I acknowledge that I am able and willing to provide transportation to and from ALL parole meetings, appointments, job searches and interviews, classes, and employment for: (Inmates Name)
        for at least: One year, or until he gets his own vehicle.
        The vehicle I own is a 2008 Subaru XXXX, insured by XXXX Insurance. I also have a 199X Ford XXXXX that needs only minor repairs to be running in good condition.
        (Inmate) will be obligated to assist with gas money starting the second full month after finding a job.
        My relationship to the parolee is: Family Friend of 15 years.
        Sincerely yours:
        (signature) ______________________________
        • Section 2 and 3 Support letters

        My inmates' letter, which was the only thing I put in section 2 was hand written. I may type it up and place it here later.

        section 3, page 1 (My support letter)

        (My name)
        1XX2 XXXXXXXXX Rd
        (City), Texas 78XXX

        In regards to: (Inmate Name)
        (TDCJ Prison Name) Unit

        Honorable Members of the Parole Board
        Texas Board of Pardons and Parole

        Dear Honorable Members of the Parole Board:

        My name is (My Name). I am XX years old and have had a successful career in Sales and Marketing Management for 10 years. Currently, I provide marketing services for XxXXXXXx Law Firm in (City), Texas. I reside in (City), Texas, in the very house I grew up in, located in the hill country on 6 acres of land. I have been and still am a close friend of (Inmate's Name), DOC#0153XXXX, for over 14 years. Although I know him well and keep close contact with him now, I was not around during the time he started making bad choices and got in trouble with the law.

        I do know that since being incarcerated, (Inmate) has completed his G.E.D. completed a substance abuse program, and stayed out of trouble. He also talks about a new faith and trust in God. He always has a positive attitude when we visit or talk on the phone. He tells me of his efforts not only to improve himself, but to help other inmates find purpose and remain positive during their time in prison. (Inmate) takes full responsibility for the actions that led to his incarceration, and shows considerable remorse and desire to be a productive member of society upon his release.

        I am more than willing to provide (Inmate) with every aspect of support, both financially and emotionally, as well as provide as much accountability and love as possible. I have a vacant guest house on my property where he can live rent free for as long as needed until he gets on his feet. He will have food, water, shelter, clothing, electricity, and access to my family vehicle to get to and from his meetings and to find a good job. I am connected in the community of (City) and have several companies that are willing to interview him and at least one will most likely offer him a job upon his release. There are a lot of companies hiring in this town. (City) also has a very active AA group and an NA group, where (Inmate) will be able to continue his recovery, find a sponsor, and attend daily meetings.

        I believe beyond a doubt that given the opportunity of parole, (Inmate) will come home and make us all proud. Thank you for your time and attention. Please contact me anytime at the number below for any further information.


        (My Name)
        (XXX0-XXX-XXXX -Personal Cell
        Section 3, Last Letter

        Section 3, page 3

        (His Sisters Name)
        9XX23 XXXXXXXX Ave. Apt XXX
        San Antonio, Texas 78XXX

        January 1, 2010

        Parole Board Members
        Board of Pardons and Parole
        P.O. Box 13401
        Capitol Station
        Austin, Texas 78711

        Attn: (Inmates Name)
        TDCJ # 0153XXXX

        Dear Honorable Parole Board Members:
        My name is (His Sisters Name). I am 2X years old, married, and a proud member of the US Air Force. I have recently returned to my home of City), Texas after a tour of duty as a Medic in Iraq.
        I am writing this letter of reference for my older brother, (Inmates Name), who is being reviewed for parole. He and I have always been very close. I understand that he has been found guilty of several drug charges, including intent to distribute. I am also aware that she has been found guilty of a similar charge, years in the past. Nevertheless, I am confident that justice would be best served by offering him another chance.
        I know (Inmate) to have many very positive traits. First of all, he is a peace-loving citizen. He hates violence and cruelty, heck, he hardly even fought with me when we were growing up. This peace-loving nature will allow him to avoid situations that could get him in trouble.
        Second, (Inmate) is a very courteous person. He honors and respects figures of authority. He can be counted on to extend this same courtesy to his parole officer, future employer, and community.
        As a final point, (Inmate) does not have a background of privilege and advantage. He has managed to achieve quite a lot despite not having the support that most people enjoy. This disadvantaged background should be taken into consideration when reviewing his record.
        Upon his release, there is a large circle of support for my brother, including our mother, our other sister, a few long time family friends, an entire AA community in (City), Texas, two church groups, and more. I, personally, am willing to help my brother out with some clothing, rides to and from work, lots of love, accountability, and emotional support.
        In conclusion, I can recommend (Inmate) to you without reservation. You will find my trust in him to be well placed. Feel free to contact at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

        (His Sisters Name)

        • Section 4 and Section 5

        Section 4 consisted of info I located on:
        o Christian Men's Job Corp that offers free skills trainings and classes even to parolees
        o Our Church's Young Adults Group Info
        o The Area's Narcotics Anonymous Schedule
        o The City's AA Schedule

        Section 5 consisted of 4 photo album sheets, each with 2 pictures and a description of what each picture was under the pic or beside it.
        5. First page front was 2 pics of (Inmate), back was a pic of the main house and a pic of the vehicle
        6. Second page front was 2 pics of guest house where he would be staying (for sake of parole board anyways ) and back was a pic of me and a pic of my kids
        7. Third page front was a pic of me and his mom and a pic of his sisters together and back was a pic of each of his sis
        8. Fourth page front was a big family pic taken at a reunion a few years ago with bubs in it, me, his sister, the whole 9 yards and a pic of his boys and the back was a pic of the furnished room waiting, vacant for him and the last pic, a pic of him.


    • A family member can help prepare the package and mail to the inmate for their hearing. I actually sent letters directly to the Nevada state Parole board stating our support. The inmate should prepare and send most of the package themselves. It shows their involvement and commitment. States may differ in their requirements, but you can check with the parole board in your state. Most of the time they are helpful. The main thing they are looking at, which the inmate should state in their letter to the board, is that they are not a threat to the public, they have a place to live and they have a job. Your loved one may not have all of these things, but the more the better. Good luck to you and your loved one.


      • Hi Traci,
        Here is the link to the Maryland Department of Parole and Probation. http://www.dpscs.state.md.us/parole_and_probation/
        Click on Resources on the right hand side of the site and you will find all the different offices and their phone numbers for the different counties. I would call the one your loved one is in and ask them what the package should contain. They may refer you to a parole board number. I didn’t see that listed as I looked at the site. But someone should be able to help you.
        I know my son’s package contained all the classes he had taken, his GED certificate, letters from people saying he was a good person who knew him, information on where he would reside and information on how he would get a job.
        Hope this helps. Good Luck, Sharron


      • How could I find out about reentry programs for my daughter after she gets parole? We live in GA. I am so glad I found this site. I will be using your info to help her prepare a parole packet.


      • Hello Tasha.
        I’m happy to hear you will be having your daughter home. I’m not familiar with re-entry programs in GA, but here’s some suggestions for finding some. First have your daughter ask her case worker or re-entry counselor if she has one. Next, I would ask your local department of parole and probation. I find them very helpful here in Nevada. You can ask search on the internet. Be careful, as some for profit organizations may be expensive. Good luck to you and your daughter.


  3. My boyfriend just turned in his parole packet to the jail officers when is a good time to fax the parole board my letters of support.


  4. my bf is in NYS prison, do they require a packet as well or just support letters? and if so, should i follow the same example you have listed already for Texas?


    • Hello: It looks like for the State of New York, they do not require a parole package, however you can send letters of support. This is off their website: NEW YORK BOARD OF PAROLE: http://www.doccs.ny.gov/letters.html

      (Letters In Support Or Opposition Of An Inmate’s Release
      Letters in support or opposition prior to an inmate’s Parole Board appearance should be sent directly to the
      Supervising Offender Rehabilitation Coordinator (SORC) at the inmate’s current facility or by submitting online. Statements received the same month as the inmate’s scheduled interview are not guaranteed to be available to the Parole Board.

      Letters should be addressed as:
      Correctional Facility Name
      Supervising Offender Rehabilitation Coordinator
      Correctional Facility Mailing Address)

      In your letter of support it would help to identify how they have changed, what classes they have taken, where they are going to live, and how they are going to support them selves. I have found that the most important thing is… are they going to be a danger to society? My son gave up his gang and that is what got him his Nevada State parole.

      Good luck to you and your friend!! Let me know how it turns out.


  5. Hi, do you know if New Jersey state prisons require parole packets ?
    My son’s PED is in feb 2020 so I just want to know when we should get started if they allow these packets in NJ .


    • I looked on both New Jersey Department of Corrections and New Jersey Parole and probation web sites and did not see anything that told me whether a parole package was required. However, his case manager should know. He could ask him or her. You could also call yourself and ask for his case manager. If a package is required or even suggested, I’d get started on it soon. You would have to collect copies of any programs or education he has completed in prison, letters that show support and a letter stating where he will live. I’d make copies of everything and then about 6 months prior to his hearing, send it in so that the board can review it before his date arrives.
      My son was given parole in the state of Nevada, partially because of the packet we sent in. One of the most important things we sent was his acceptance into a reentry program here. If there is one there, you might want to see if he can get in it. Good Luck and keep positive!


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