One comment on “VIDEO VISITATION

  1. I understand your reasoning. I have a blog ‘My Name is Jamie. Life in Prison’ for the father of one of my grandsons who is like a son to me. He calls me mom. He is in Huntsville,Tx. He just got phone privileges for the very first time in the 9 years he’s been inside. For most of that time he hasn’t had anyone to talk to ( by letter) or anyone to help him but me. I live in Pa. I’ve only been able to visit him one time. I know many people are against video charts IF they only intend to replace the real thing. From what I’ve read, that’s not going to happen. Too many organization’s are against it. But for family too far away to visit- do you realize what a benefit it would be for them to be able to have a video chat? A mother who can’t her son because she’s to far away?

    How long is your son in for? I actually found you when reading a post of Steven Jennings today.


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