4 comments on “MTC Managment and Training Corporation: Are They Cutting Costs to the Detriment of Inmates?

  1. Knowing what I know about these so-called corporations that come in to convince the states that they will do a better job of running the prisons and save them money, and now trying ( successfully with some states ) to get them to sign 20 year contracts with the stipulation of being kept 90-100% full – and expect them to treat the inmates with anything even remotely close to dignity is a joke. Food and medicine is cut to the bone. Having inside information by someone who is one of these prisons in Texas and has to live under these conditions, having a medical condition that isn’t a joke – epilepsy – every time I hear of another untreated seizure it makes my blood boil and tells me what I need to know. We know it is a game for profit with the Inmates lives in the balance. Jamie has been really sick for a week coughing up green phlem – which means infection – and they will do nothing about it. He said that men having severe chests pains will be told to drink more water – as if that has anything to do with their heart. They simply do not want to pay the medical costs and could not care less if someone dies. They have an excuse for everything.


    • Yes, my son has called several times over the years saying he was sick and coughing up yellow and green phlegm and all they gave him was Tylenol. (One a day) Luckily, he got better each time, but it took weeks instead of 5-7 days with antibiotics. As a nurse, I know antibiotics should not be overused, but if you are coughing and have yellow or green phlegm you need antibiotics!

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      • The hard part – the longer they are there the more unhealthy they are and the less able they can fight infections. But they are young and have that on their side. I know the elderly population has had the hardest time. They could save medical costs but taking better care of them. Some elderly people they just release with 30 days of meds and say,” have a great life” many of these men have no one and nowhere to go and no nothing but the prison institute. More attention needs to give these men who are no threat to society and haven’t been for decades. i wish I could help with the answers. I can only keep doing what i can and that is educating people. Sadly – there are many people who don’t want to know. That want to continue to believe that each and every person inside is there for a reason and to them, who cares, anyway?


  2. We are fighting an unpopular battle. If all the people who think “who cares anyway” knew how much of their hard earned tax payer dollars was going to the revolving door of incarceration (due to lack of rehabilitation and no reentry planning), incarceration of those who would be best suited in other facilities (mentally ill, low level drug crimes, and elderly inmates), high profits for the for-profit private institutions running some of our prisons, and a lot of graft and waste, they just might care then. Let’s keep up the work of trying to make people aware of the penal system deficiencies. I appreciate your efforts!!!


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