1. I read an article recently about why, if the number of new inmates have gone down, why had the amount of incarcerated people increased? Because they’re giving out longer sentences and granting fewer paroles. Having bills like this being passed is a good thing but it’s not going to make much difference when so many American companies rely on slave, er, inmate labor. I remember Jamie telling me years ago, “Texas don’t like to give parole.” He doesn’t see people going home after their parole hearings. He has another hearing coming up Oct 2016 which is why I want my book, “InsideOut” done by then. Have it for the parole board to see how much support he has. I’ve posted 3 chapters if you like to read them. They’re listed at the end of the opening page to the blog at http://mynamieisjamie.net .How is your son doing?


  2. I finished reading your chapters and thought they were great. I am eager for you to finish the entire book in time for the parole board. I have heard it does help if they know the inmate has support, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Wouldn’t it be great if they did grant parole? Has he complied a parole package?

    I have just finished my book, Waiting on the Outside, which is the story of my son and how he came to be incarcerated in a federal prison. It has been a long process and I still have to get the cover done and then get it published. I want to be done before mid-may, as I will be busy traveling then. I had a professional editor edit my book and it was worth the money and time. The other thing you can do is post it on Goodreads for beta readers to review it and comment for you. I do some beta reading on that site and enjoy the process. You have a wonderful way of relating how Jamie feels. I particularly liked the chapter “The Life of Racism”. It was very realistic. I could see how the woman would begin to make what happened grander than it was. It is a very current subject now also.

    My son is fine, although he is still on phone and email restriction for loaning another inmate his phone use number. He is 42 now and seems to have a much better hold on how he behaves and what he wants out of life when he gets out. Every email and letter talks about how sick he is of prison, what happens in prisons and how all the posturing and anger does no one any good. He is at Beaumont USP and says the guards in Texas are meaner than any other prison he has been in. Beaumont has been one of the most violent prisons in the federal system. I worry that something will happen to him before he gets out, which is only four years from now. I just tell him to keep his head down and not get involved with all the crap that goes on. It is not easy to do, as he has been involved in a gang for most of his incarceration.

    I would like to send you a digital copy of my book when it is published. I’ll contact you then to let you know. Lastly, thanks for putting my blog on your “positive things” I really appreciate it.


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