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  2. You really do have quite a list of resources. Although I am still in the writing phase I have been doing a lot of reading of what to be doing while I write and it seems there are about ten different hats to wear. I had no idea when I started on this venture that books didn’t magically appear for sale as a finished product! ( no I wasn’t quite that naive, but I really didn’t know much ) I’ve been putting thought into the book cover. This guy did a great job with yours. I’m sure you are excited. I really hope, for you, that it is successful. Is this your first book? How long did it take you to write it? I can’t wait to read it. Have you read anything from the guy who writes Stone City blog? He has first book out, too. He’s very sincere. i bought his book but I only started to read it so I don’t have an opinion yet. I’ve read free samples of several other prison books and so often, when written by an inmate it is about their hard life and enough scary prison stuff you’d be afraid of most x-felons. Steven found religion and used it as a base to rehabilitate himself, met a woman and got married. He has a pretty good blog. It’s interesting to see how other people present these issues.


  3. Yes, they don’t magically appear. I began writing this a long time ago while I was still working, so I just dabbled at it. Then when I retired I started writing seriously. I joined a writing club and that was really valuable. They are every where so easy to join and you learn a lot. But, I had no idea so much re-writing would be required. Every time I learned something, I would rewrite a portion of the book. I probably worked on it seriously for a year. In the end, I hired a professional editor and that made a great deal of difference. Her name is Christina Frey at Page Two editing. I also paid for the cover designer and he did a marvelous job. His name is Morpheus Blak. I can give you their emails if you want. I also do beta reading on Goodreads and that helped my writing too, as I saw others’ mistakes and what they did right.

    I did send out book proposals, but it takes soooo long for them to produce a book I decided to publish on my own through CreateSpace at Amazon. That was relatively easy once I figured it out and not too expensive. It is a couple of hundred dollars. They also will format it for Kindle for $79.00.

    I love to write, so I am about 1/3 of the way through my first novel. I wrote a lot of policies and procedures when I worked, so I will also continue to write about prisons and the inadequacies of the penal system.

    I have been following Stone City Blog and find he has some good things to say. I really appreciate his efforts from prison. I also bought a few books written by prisoners and saw that they mostly talked about what happens in prison. I wanted to tell how all of it affects families.

    Your blog is well written and I think you have the skills to write a great book! The secret is to just keep plugging at it. I have read some of the chapters you have posted and they are good. Keep at it!


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