7 comments on “Poetry: Mass Incarceration

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  2. I don’t know Brett McKeehan or what his crime was, but he certainly sounds like a changed and repentant man who has grown into mature self-awareness and would be a positive contributor to the human community if given a second chance.


    • I have never met him, but communicate with him occasionally by mail, as he is a friend of my son’s. He was put into a foster home as a child, went to juvenile detention about 13, got out at age 18, went to prison at about 21 and outside of a few years has been in prison almost his entire adult life. He is now about 40. He was last convicted of robbery. Yes, I agree, as evidenced by his poetry, he is finally a changed person and hopefully when he gets out he will become a viable member of society. He is currently in solitary, for protection, as he quit his gang affiliation. There are some companies that promote second chances. One of those is “Dave’s Killer Bread” which has taken over the west coast. One third of their employees are past offenders.


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