• Hello Britney,
      This Bill of Rights was developed by the International Prisoners Family conference 2016. They are not legal rights approved by any government agency. Too bad, as they should be. However, they are useful to know what your rights “should” be and when to complain if something is wrong. If you are having a problem with the prison or jail where your loved one is, trying calling his or her counselor. If that doesn’t work, write or email the warden. I did this recently when I had not heard from my son and was worried. I called the prison for six days and no answer. Finally, I emailed the warden complaining that I had the right to know what was going on and I got a call from my son’s unit manager letting me know he was okay right away. They said they were having trouble with AT&T. Pretty unbelievable, since USP Beaumont is a complex with over 5,000 inmates to not have phones working. Good Luck Sharron


    • Britney, They do not pertain to any state, as they are just a list of right we “should” have but don’t have yet legally. The International Prisoners Family Conference is working on getting families legal rights. I hope this helps.


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