2 comments on “SOLITARY by Prison Family Blogger & Published Author, Sharron Grodzinsky

  1. I think its very inhumane myself…I have a few friends that are incarcerated in ad seg or super seg …that is a horrible way to have to live …I realize if a person has put themselves into that situation for whatever reason or offense that’s been committed but a box for rest of your life ..that’s the type of thing that makes a person go insane …no contact what so ever ever for rest of your life or years or which ever…its wrong ..Texas should definately change up some of their policies or protocols on high security max offenders n while I’m on that ..put the child molesters n sick people of that nature in prison ..not protective custody but general population and let them ride that out or put them in a box….that’s the crimes need to be addressed n punished …to the max …thanks for letting me share


    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Yes it is inhumane and does not solve anything. There has to be a different way to manage problems in prison. Perhaps if they were all going to school or working to learn a skill they can use after their release, there would not be so many problems in prison requiring such drastic punishment. That of course is aside from those who really do need restrictive care.


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