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  2. Today I got a phone call from my son that’s in a federal prison in Virginia he just got transferred there on 7/7, well that same day he was assaulted by the guards I need some info on how to go about getting him out of that place please please ASAP


    • Hello Rachel,
      It might be difficult to get him moved. Once they transfer someone, the federal authorities usually won’t move them for 18 months. I have a few suggestions for you though. Did your son report the assault? If not, he should. You can call the prison yourself and ask to speak to his case worker and report it. I would email the prison warden with my complaint. You can find their email on the BOP site for each prison. I have done that but never got an answer. The other option is to send a letter to the warden complaining about his treatment. I did that one time and did get an answer. Maybe you might get an answer too.
      Unless you have the money to hire an attorney, the only option I know is to try to enlist the ACLU. American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Virginia. 701 E. Franklin St., Suite 1412. Richmond, VA 23219. Their phone number is (703) 360-1096.
      Unfortunately, inmates do not have many avenues for their rights unless they can afford an attorney.
      I have found that the more noise you make though, the more they will listen to you. Keep calling the prison and ask to speak to someone in charge. Make sure to document who you speak to, when you speak to them and what the conversation was. That way no one can say you didn’t contact anyone, or that no one knew about it.
      Lastly, advise your son to lay low and try not to give them any reason to single him out.
      Good luck and take care.


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